Winter is Coming!

by CDYNE Corporation
Winter is Coming!

With the beginning of October, fall is officially in full swing meaning winter weather is not far off. The fast approaching winter will bring days of snow and ice occasionally causing school closings.  Informing parents of school closings manually can be time consuming and inconvenient. What if there was a way of contacting multiple parents at one time allowing for schools to save time and inform parents more effectively? Well, with CDYNE’s communication API’s, SMS Notify! and Phone Notify! it is possible! Using either solution, schools could notify hundreds of parents simultaneously.9774684_g

Schools can utilize text messaging to notify parents with our SMS Notify! API. Using a SMS Notify! capable 5 or 6-digit number called a short code a school could send an unlimited number of messages per day at a rate of 9,000 messages per minute. Each short code includes a backup consisting of a regular 10-digit phone number to ensure that your message is received every time and can be used for testing purposes during the short code provisioning process that CDYNE handles for you. Your short code allows for two-way messaging giving you the ability to receive incoming messages and automatically respond based on a list of select keywords you create. Schools can even keep track of sent and received messages after setting up a Postback URL. If your school would prefer phone calls over text messages to relay information to parents using Phone Notify! would be the better choice for you.

Phone Notify! is CDYNE’s to
p notch voice broadcasting service. With your Phone Notify! capable number you will be able to send up to 5,000 school alerts to parents per minute. There are two formats available for sending calls. You can choose to write content as a script to be read by our text-to-speech engines, scripts can be read in multiple languages and accents. Another way you could send out notifications is by recording your message in a WAV file to be heard when a call is answered. And with our Reverse Notify feature parents have the ability to call back and replay messages they may have missed. Some schools may benefit from sending both text notifications and phone calls. Both services can be used on a single number allowing for both call and text replies from parents.3747cc8e77636bd52b9e3ddc572c13a5bfc6810bcd1bb503d8cce478978e6899

Schools will benefit from using either SMS Notify!, Phone Notify! or both services, especially when that surprise storm hits making schools closing inevitable. All of CDYNE’s web services are easily integrated into your existing systems making the implementation process quick and simple. With CDYNE’s Service Level Agreement we guarantee that our services are up and running 99% of the time and when you sign up for an account included is complimentary 24/7 emergency technical support. Still not sure if our services are for you? Call us at 757-544-9510 or email us at  to learn about our free trial!