XML Web Services: Next Step, Utopia?

The Internet was always hailed as the new democracy, a way for the masses (us) to have some influence in the world, a voice to contribute to the global dynamics of change.  At first, many of us were worried that as a society we had overestimated the power of the Internet for social change, as it became more of an e-commerce medium than anything else.

But things are changing with Web 2.0, and individuals are banding together through networking forums to make their voices louder and more powerful.  Mashups and custom Web applications make it possible for technology to join forces and become more powerful as well. This is where XML Web services come in.

No longer do businesses, small or large, have to invest in heavy equipment and major software programs.  No business is an island, and almost like the communes purported to be the utopian solution to isolated living in the 60s, this new technology allows those businesses with certain skills to offer those skills to the world to be used only when needed.  As more and more businesses make the move toward specialization over the Web, more skills and technologies are available on a pay-as-you go platform. This new wave of business dealings allows companies to focus on what they do best, while borrowing the rest.  The icommune is a success because it’s efficient. And everyone can benefit.

From online CRMs to built-in data enhancement and fraud prevention, Web services provide the organizational tools and protection essential to today’s businesses. And we still get to preserve the capitalist system and free trade. The commune without the communism. Leave it to programmers to come up with the next great democracy.

Do what you do best.  Borrow the rest.

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