Zombie Outbreak!

What should you do in the event of a zombie outbreak? Better use CDYNE!

One should know where they need to go if, god forbid, an actual zombie outbreak should occur.  In the event of this bleak outcome, we suggest using CDYNE’s SMS Notify! and Phone Verification APIs.  You may want to consider using the Postback URL feature of SMS Notify!  to grab the information of the closest arena taking in the uninfected.

How do you avoid becoming a zombie? Glad you asked…

Use this postback portion that would be used in the code behind of your URL (in this we made up a fake URL of http://www.cdyne.com/postback.asmx):

This is the portion where Phone Verification grabs the incoming number and grabs the State:

This would be where you would access a database, such as excel, or SQL.  The database would store a listing of arenas for every state.  You would use the return value of “pr.State” from Phone Verification.  Then, you would send out your SMS with the location of the closest arena by state.  In this case it is VA – Richmond Coliseum that is sent back.
Next we use SimpleSMSSendWithPostback to send out the location of the arena and then utilizes the postback URLl again to get a count of how many people are going to these arenas – to prevent overflow.

Make sure you are totally zombie-proof.

Our Death Index API will come in handy as well.  Is the person in front of you dead or alive? Find out by having the incoming person state their Social Security number at the entrance.  Once ran, if the person comes back as deceased, then I would greatly ponder whether you should let them in.

Survival never felt so good!

-Jay Keown

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